The wound is the place where the Light enters you.


As your psychologist, I will be more than a listening ear; I will help you navigate and shift your perspective.

Life has a way of placing obstacles on our path that can make it difficult to function at our fullest potential. For some of us, these events prove to be so painful or traumatic that all hope seems to be lost. In order for healing to begin, we need a safe and supportive environment where our thoughts and feelings are validated, where we are able to process and move past painful memories that seem to keep us in bondage, and where we are able to identify our most important needs and learn to meet them in healthy ways. Through this healing process, our lives can become more fulfilling and rewarding.

Whether you or someone you know is struggling to manage the pressures of life or just needs help learning to view circumstances in a different way, please know that you do not have to endure the process alone. Let us overcome barriers together.

My areas of expertise:

Anger Management
Christian Counseling
Disordered Eating
Family Conflict

Infertility/Perinatal Loss
Life Transitions
Marital/Pre-marital Counseling
Parenting Issues
Postpartum Depression & Anxiety
Racial Identity
Stress Management

My role is to guide you as you take steps toward positive life changes and healing. Together, we will work to identify and better understand the challenges and daily stressors that detract from your life and begin implementing positive behaviors to better meet your needs.